Sports Reports

Sharks at Matlock Bath
On Wednesday 20th January at Matlock Bath, Taddington school football team played outstandingly against (in order) –Sharley Park B, Sharley Park A, and last but not least Castle View.
The first match we played against Sharley Park B – the team played a strong first half using all of our hard earned skills. In the second half, Joe scored a breathtaking goal with a chest deflection after their goal keeper saved a goal by Jack. Unfortunately, the ref. decided to not award the goal and count it as an indirect kick.
The next match was against our toughest competition – Sharley Park A, we finished the first half 3-1 down, despite some wonderful saves from Malachae and a fabulous goal from  Izzy assisted by Jack. Joe and Hugh were stretched in defence, Archie bravely tackled and Jack was a great captain. We drew 1-1 against Castleview with some timely tackles from Joe Cooper. Taddington Sharks played well as a team with good blocking and passing.
Coach Ben Wragg cited Joe, Mal, Izzy and Jack as key contributors to an enjoyable but challenging evening’s play.
Next stop, the Arc Wednesday 27th January 2016.
Izzy and Mal.

Mini Basketball - Team who competed at New Mills Leisure Centre in the Y5/6 Derbyshire School Sports Partnership competition on 24th February.



27th January 2016

Taddington's first match vs Castle view. This was the last time we'll play with three of our year 6 at the Arc in Matlock. They are Izzy, Jack and Mal, let's make the most of it! When we got on the pitch we were straight in with no hesitataion what so ever. Jack, Izzy and Archie straight in with the ball as they had offical centre. Then Jack scrored an amazing cross goal in a matter of seconds from Izzy passing out wide. Then after Castle views centre we pushed hard with Archie passing outwide to Jack, it was all we needed and he did so giving Jack a chance to score again wich he comfortly 2-0 to us, no. 10 scored by chipping it past Mal's out streched hand but well done to us we still kept our heeads up high!!! But suddenly out of no-where Hugh scored from the half way line. Hugh scored an amazing thunderbolt goal into the corner of the net, go Hugh and well done.

our second game vs All Saints b

Straight from the kick of we got stuck in and stole the ball from the oppostion, this was a constant pattern to the game which producted lots of goals. First to score with the inside weakest foot was Izzy. Then as the game played out Jack scored 4 goals. Luca set up one of the goals for Jack and so did James; they certainly made the goals, well done! This finished that game off a total of 5-1 TO US!!!!!!!! We played so well we just had to keep it up for our last game. That is 2 games in a row that we have had a win.


Gymnastics - Team who competed at the Y3/4 Key Steps Gymnastics  competition at Glossop Leisure Centre on 11th March.

Cross Country

On Thursday 26th May we held a cross-country tournament with Peak Forest school. We had 4 races. The first race was the year 3 and 4 girls and Lbby won. (Chloe)


Peak Forest Football

The footballers went to Peak Forest on 16th May and we won 5-2! Then we played some games for fun. (Charlie S)


Cheerfest 2016

Cheerfest was definately a memorable event which we hope to participate in again. All of our cheerleaders gave up their own time to practice at lunchtimes and it was well worth it. They gave their hearts and souls and we are so proud. (Abi M)


Netball competition- the first game we played we had a few tries at the net but unfortunately missed and ended the game with a draw againts Burbage A. The next game we played was against Harpur Hill B. Unfortunely we lost 1 nill but we played really really well. The third game we played against Buxton Juniors B and we WON! YAY! Lydia scored from infront of the net! We ended that game with us winning by 1 nill. In the 4th game we lost by lots and lots and lots - too many to count..... but still Izzy scored a goal from far distant. So, we ended that game round about 8 to them and 1 to us!   Report written by Izzy